Donate and Help Long Island Families Recover From Hurricane Sandy

We’ve heard from fellow Long Island residents who want to reach out and adopt a family on Long Island who has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Family to Family has agreed to lend their expertise in matching donors with families in need and Volunteer 4 Long Island is using their knowledge of the region to identify families in need who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

So many of our neighbors are displaced–they’ve lost everything to flood, wind, and fire damage. They need a little help to keep their families going through this natural disaster. Together we can rise above the hardship and rebuild our communities.

If as an individual or with a group you are able to adopt a family, please sign up to adopt a family affected by Hurricane Sandy at Family-to-Family. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Once you receive the e-mail, please reply and specify you want to adopt a family on Long Island. Otherwise, you will be added to the general donor pool.

You will also find information on their page about cash donations, sending items to partner charities throughout New York City, and using their Amazon Store to send needed items to partners in New York City.

UPDATE: There is a new option on the Family to Family Hurricane Sandy page to provide Thanksgiving in a Box to a family of 10-14 people for a one-time donation of $125.

Even if you are struggling yourself and cannot adopt a family, would you please share this post and post it anywhere you are able?

If you know of any other agencies that can help us vet and identify families in need on Long Island, please let me know: Candace [at] NaturallyEducational [dot] com.

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